Wednesday, September 3, 2014

IVF #3 - July and August

7/8/2014 - I had my first OB appointment on 7/7.  It went well, but I was a little disappointed that my doctor said it was too early to try to hear baby's heartbeat.  I wanted some reassurance baby is doing well.  BUT I really like my doctor.  He said we'd do an ultrasound at my next appointment in 4 weeks.  And then said if I wanted one earlier, he'd just say I was having cramps and get me in whenever I wanted.  Perfect.  So I have an ultrasound this Saturday.  We also told our parents baby #2 is on the way and they're excited.  I like to wait until 12 weeks, but I'm already showing and we couldn't wait to share the happy news.  Both received a picture of W holding a sign that said "I'm being promoted to big brother February 2015". :)

7/9/2014 - I never really had cravings with W and I wouldn't say I'm having cravings this time around.  BUT if there are sweets in sight, I WILL eat them.  I ate so healthy with W, but this time around, I'm ashamed to admit I've had waaay too many gummy bears (I blame A), Jelly Belly jelly beans (blaming my mom for buying these), and caffeine free Coke (no one to blame, but myself).  And really, I know consuming these is my fault, but I can't help myself.  Bring on the sweets!!  Not really, I'm actually feeling very guilty. :\  Also my friend (one of two who know) abbreviated baby 2 as BW2 and I'm still laughing about it weeks later because that happens to be an abbreviation for Buffalo Wild Wings... it's the little things that amuse me. :)

7/15/2014 - I had an ultrasound over the weekend and all looks good.  Baby is measuring 2 days ahead with a heart rate in the 160's. :)

7/17/2014 - My last PIO injection was on 7/14.  If that's not a cause for celebration, I don't know what is.  They were by far the worst part of IVF and I just couldn't take anymore.  I was so tired of the pain, the bruising, and the bleeding.  There was a lot of bleeding in the last couple weeks - I think my back had just been poked too many times (50+) and the muscle was weakened.  So anyway, I'm DONE.

8/2/2014 - Heard baby's heartbeat.  I don't think there's a sweeter sound in the world. <3  Still feeling tired and lacking energy, but very happy.

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