Monday, September 8, 2014

Weekend Recap

This weekend seemed like such a whirlwind that recapping it is giving me anxiety.  So much to do, so little time seems to sum it up.  Friday, we had some strong storms pass through the area, but luckily we didn’t encounter any damage.  I don’t recall anything else that stands out, except that W wanted chips for dinner and got angry when we wouldn’t let him have them.  He had a couple bites of pizza, which he usually likes, but I accidently gave him a piece of pizza with a miniscule bit of sausage and he was furious.  Never mind that he likes sausage?!?  Just not on pizza apparently.  SO that was fun.  Oh, Friday night Saturday morning around 4 am, A woke up with severe abdominal pains.  I thought I’d have to take him to the hospital.  He decided to try laying on a heating pad and felt a bit better.  Not sure what caused that.  W woke up at 5:30 am so we were all tired the following day.
I don't like pizza!!

Oh wait, yes, I do!!

Saturday, we went grocery shopping and W fell asleep on the way home – at 11:30 am.  His usual nap time is 1ish so that was different and threw off our plans a bit.  We went to my mom’s house to watch the airshow after a whopping 45 min nap.  W usually takes at least an hour and a half nap.  Anyway, I found the airshow to be really boring.  W pointed out a few airplanes, but was just happy to be outside.  After a lot of time outdoors, and some time playing with the cats, it was off to dinner.  Happy to report W was really good at the restaurant – and so was the food!  We asked for a seat near the window and that helped.  W was able to watch people going by.  After dinner we walked around the downtown area for a bit.  A started to have some pains again so we headed home.  A fun day and A felt better after resting.
Happy Birthday, Grandma!!

Sunday, was church and Starbucks.  W was really good during church.  I was really excited about the start of football season.  Not sure why – apparently I failed to remember that little boys don’t really care for football.  I was also too ambitious and decided to make lunch and dinner.  Both were easy, but very time consuming.  And if that weren’t enough, I also decided to decorate for fall and put up new curtains.  Oh, and I should also mention that W woke up Saturday night and took only a 30 min nap on Sunday.  Ughhhh.  I’m tired.  Anyway, both lunch and dinner were delicious, my team lost, and by the end of the day, my feet and back ached – BUT I felt so productive and accomplished so that’s something.
Fall decor - I've always wanted a fireplace.

Wore our orange and blue to church and then had breakfast at Starbucks

W put stickers on his face during the game.  Not sure why or what made him do that, but I couldn't stop laughing.

And then Sunday night/Monday morning, W woke at 10 pm, 1 am, and was up at 5:30 am.  He either has a cold or is teething.  Poor guy.  And poor mom and dad. :(

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