Friday, September 5, 2014

Friday Thoughts

If you are pregnant, do not Google pregnancy weight gain.  Seriously.  Don’t do it.  More than one site told me I was overweight pre pregnancy and that I had already gained too much weight.  It also said I should gain 10 pounds this pregnancy.  Umm, I think my doctor would have a major problem with that.  And considering I’ve already gained 10 lbs, there’s no way that’s happening.  Honestly, I was just curious what the typical weight gain was for this point in pregnancy and now I’m offended and feeling really self-conscious (and a bit down if I’m completely honest).  I’ve never been skinny, but I also didn’t think I was overweight.  Stupid weight gain calculators and stupid Google!!


I’ve been thinking about this pregnancy compared to my first.  In many ways, they’ve been similar.  This time around has been harder because I have a toddler who needs me and I feel like I never have enough energy.  This time, I think I’ve been more tired, but last time I had at least 3 episodes of syncope (fainting).  The way W was positioned, I believe he was compressing the inferior vena cava.  I would have occurrences where I’d become weak, I would get insanely hot and begin to sweat, I’d lose vision, and my hearing would become muffled.  It was scary.  I never actually fainted because I quickly sat down and tried to eat/drink when I recognized the symptoms.  I’ll take the tiredness over that any day.


Mornings have been stressful lately!!  W has been waking up around 6 am and then for the next hour, it’s craziness.  I try to get ready while W empties drawers, unplugs everything that’s plugged in, asks to go downstairs, takes all curling irons out of the bathroom cabinet, closes every door upstairs (5 of them), hands me various objects, and much more that I’m forgetting.  Essentially, I’m trying to get ready while making sure W doesn’t electrocute himself, lock himself in a room, or fall down the stairs.  Meanwhile, A just gets to take a shower and then leave (he helps when he can, but there’s roughly a 20 minute window between W waking and A leaving and A is showering and getting dressed during that time).  Uggh.  Maybe Pinterest will have some ideas for me on keeping him entertained - but that means I have to actually log into Pinterest...  Never mind that W’s room is a few feet away and contains nearly every toy a little boy could want.  I miss the bouncy seat and exersaucer!!!  Google also told me that toddlers sleep about 12 hours each night and take a 1-3 hour nap.   AHAHAHAHA.  W has never slept 12 hours.  Google is full of lies.


Anyway, it’s Friday!  I have high hopes for a great weekend!  There is an airshow at the airport right near my mom’s house on Saturday and I’m excited to take W.  My mom’s birthday is also on Saturday so we may attempt dinner – need a seat close to the door in case there are any screaming episodes.  And football games on Sunday!  It feels like the start of fall and I’m loving it!  Bring on pumpkin EVERYTHING and cooler temps!!  TGIF!!

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