Monday, September 22, 2014

21 Months of W

W turned 21 months on Saturday.  Where oh where has the time gone (I actually typed 20 instead of 21!!)?

I think this was one of my favorite months with you, little man.  You’ve been trying to say more and your personality is really emerging.  You’ve just been downright fun.  I think I’ve laughed at your antics this month more than any other.  You have this uncanny ability to detect when your Da is making a sarcastic remark or subtle joke and you laugh.  This happened at church recently.  Da said something under his breath and you let out a laugh – hilarious.  There’s no way you understood the joke, but somehow you recognized that it was indeed a joke.  We were out for a walk over the weekend and right after a golfer teed off, you started laughing.  Not sure if it was actually a poor shot, but your timing was impeccable.  I also had a laugh at the grocery store when a man knocked over a sign and you said “uh oh!!”. J

You started ‘gymnastics’ this month!  You attend gymnastics with Nani and from what I understand, you do lots of climbing and even tried a headstand recently!!  Unfortunately you haven’t quite learned that gymnastics should only occur at gym class, on padded mats.  You’ve recently tried jumping off of chairs at home and overturning baskets so you can stand on them.  Mom quickly intervenes.

You’ve picked up quite a few words this month (much to my relief!).  These include: Moon (moo), Chips (dip), Goat (go), Bra (baa), and Zebra (bruh).  You repeatedly say something that sounds like “ dot-in“, which I think means clock?!?  Not sure, but I asked you to repeat it several times and then show me and you pointed to the clock?  You’ve also said oh no a few times (no no) and door (doe).

You’ve started watching Daniel Tiger recently, while mom gets ready for work.  I had a pretty strict no tv philosophy, but the show is on my phone and about 10 minutes long… AND I can actually get dressed so I’m allowing it. J  With that said, I’ve tried other shows on my phone just to see if you might be interested and Daniel Tiger is the only one you like.

You’ve also started telling us when you need a diaper change, which is really great.  You pat your diaper - front for pee and back for poop.  I appreciate that I no longer have to sniff you. ;)

Sleep was especially challenging this month.  You came down with a cold and the first week of said cold, I believe your sinuses were bothering you.  You didn’t seem all that congested, but you pointed to your nose quite a few times.  During that week, I think you woke something like 5 nights out of 7.  It was rough.  After 2 weeks, your cold is just about gone.  Yay!

Separation anxiety seems to have suddenly kicked in full force.  You had a few major meltdowns at Brian and Becky’s house and also cried when I brought you over to Aunt Connie’s house (even though I was with you the entire time).

As is the case every month, you still love books, you still love to be outside, you love to ‘help’ around the house, and we still get comments on your hair. J

Happy 21 months!  Next big event for you is school!  It starts on Saturday and we’re hoping it will be great for socialization and for speech.  You are our everything and more, little man!

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