Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was not at all what I expected.  Nothing went according to plan.

W was supposed to start school on Saturday, but Friday afternoon we received a phone call stating that his teacher was sick and he wouldn’t start until the following Saturday.  Given the impending weekend, this was actually a good thing.  But on the downside, it looks like I won’t be able to attend his first day of school with him since I have a doctor’s appointment. L

Friday night Saturday morning at around 12:30 am (I think – the time is a bit fuzzy), A awoke with abdominal pains.  For the next hour, he tossed and turned, walked around, groaned.  He then went downstairs to lie on the couch and try to wait out whatever was causing the pain.  I fell back asleep, but around 2:30 am, A woke me up to tell me his parents were heading over because he needed to go to the ER.  When they got to the house, I asked A if he wanted me to take him to the hospital or wait at the house with W.  By now it was sometime around 3-3:30.  W has been waking early – typically around 5:30 so he would be up relatively soon.  A said he thought I should be home when W woke up.  So I stayed at the house waiting for news.  As expected, W was awake by 5:30.  Sometime around 6 am, A texted me with his diagnosis – a kidney stone.  It was a big relief hearing that.  I had so many illnesses/diagnoses racing through my mind; a kidney stone seemed much less tragic (albeit painful).

A, my mom, and I were supposed to attend a wedding that day.  My cousin was getting married and I had been looking forward to it.  Although she’s younger, my cousin and I grew up together.  I baby-sat her when she was little, was her confirmation sponsor, attended swim meets, and watched her in the high school band.  My mom is her godmother and was supposed to read a bible passage during the wedding ceremony.  Further complicating the matter was that A and I were supposed to drive my mom and pick up brother.  My mom doesn’t drive long distances (the wedding was an hour away) and my brother does not own a car (he lives in Chicago and takes public transit).  So long story short, it was decided that I would go to the wedding and A would stay home and rest.  W would still go to his aunt and uncle’s house, as originally planned, to give A a break after the crazy night – not to mention A was still having some pain.

I was really disappointed.  I had been looking forward to attending the wedding with A and 2.5+ hours of driving after little sleep was not appealing.  Also, I had never been to the town the wedding was in and had no idea where I was going.

I was supposed to drop W off at his aunt and uncle’s house, but he was sound asleep at the time we had planned to leave.  He also had not had lunch.  A offered to drop W off so that my mom and I could head out.  Apparently W was a mess when A dropped him off.  He had a major meltdown and was very upset that A was leaving.  He proceeded to have meltdowns the entire time and A picked him up early.  I felt terrible.

My mom, brother, and I eventually made it to the wedding.  My cousin looked gorgeous and the wedding was beautiful.  Then we had to find the reception site – that took another 45 minutes of driving.  Ugh.  We finally made it.  My mom ended up sitting at my table even though she wasn’t originally seated there.  She was able to take A’s spot and was so happy to be sitting with me, my brother, and cousins.  I have to say, my cousins are some of the funniest people EVER.  I literally did not stop laughing throughout the entire reception.  It was the highlight of my day.  As I glanced at the other tables, they were chatting, looking somewhat serious, while my cousins and I were crying from laughing so hard. J

Finally, I made it home, completely exhausted.  Everyone was asleep when I arrived.  W had his usual 5:30 am wake up and I spent the majority of Sunday completely drained from the day prior.  There were a few highlights on Sunday – a trip to the park, a family walk, and teaching W somersaults (until he spit up – oops).

I tried to make the most of the weekend, but it definitely wasn’t what I hoped it would be.  I’m still a bit sad at how it turned out, but I guess things can't always go according to plan. L

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