Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Weekend Recap

This past weekend was a bit of everything rolled into one busy weekend – chaos, laughter, love, frustration, happiness, and tears.  All in all, it was good and I was really sad to return to work today.  Especially since I won’t have another holiday until Thanksgiving… whaaaa.

Friday was my last day of summer hours (whaaaaa) so I worked a half day.  After that, W, my mom, and I grabbed lunch and did a bit of shopping.  W has been screaming while we’re out lately – it usually happens while we’re out eating or grocery shopping.  It’s not a tantrum type scream, but it is loud and embarrassing.  I’m assuming he does it for attention and telling him no, and that he needs to be quiet only makes him scream more.  We may be staying home for awhile.

Saturday was a very long day.  I had a doctor’s appointment.  Heard baby’s heartbeat, but otherwise it was pointless.  W came with and there was more screaming.  That was followed by breakfast at Panera (more screaming), grocery shopping at Mariano’s (more screaming), and even more shopping at Target.  Then it was time to head home to clean and complete a couple projects.  That night, we had a fantasy football draft party.  I had been looking forward to it and now, I have no idea why.  It was a complete disaster.  I won’t go into too much detail because I know in the grand scheme of things it won’t matter.  People are dealing with far worse.  But it was an absolute failure and our dog, Addie, was just plain awful.  She barked the entire night, chased the kids around and scared them.  I had never seen her like that.  I didn’t realize the kids were coming over so that definitely didn’t help, but I’m not sure what I would’ve done differently had I known.  It also didn’t help that people were continually coming up to me telling me that Addie was annoying and asking what was wrong with her.  As far as her being annoying – tell me something I didn’t already know.  And if I knew what was wrong, I’d do my best to fix it.  For some reason, the kids set her off and nonstop barking ensued.  The kids never stayed in one place (despite attempts at 2 movies), which added to the barking chaos and I was afraid to lock Addie in a room because when we had done so previously, she destroyed an expensive crate that fellow dog owners insisted she had to have (last time I listen to dog advice from anyone who doesn’t know my dog).  Having anything in our new house destroyed was not a risk I was willing to take.  And people could have left at any time.  We were doing a draft, but I think we could have continued on the computer or another way.  What probably bugs me most of all is I knew before the party that a few people didn’t like Addie and this only added fuel to their Addie hating fire.  What they don’t realize (and never will) is that Addie is actually one of the sweetest dogs.  She’s always by my side when I’m not feeling well.  She was at my side after my first IVF failed when I couldn’t stop crying.  For both of my pregnancies, she’s wanted to be extra close to me – knowing that something was different.  She’s incredibly smart and extremely loyal (a trait you can’t find in most humans).  She’s protective of W, A, and I, but only because she loves us that much.  And she puts up with W’s hitting her and throwing various objects at her.  I actually cried at the end of the night when everyone had finally gone home.  Now that it’s all done, we’ll know not to have any kids over.  And those who never liked Addie will continue to not come over (because Addie is here to stay) so I guess in that respect, nothing will really change.  No more parties any time soon.

Sunday was much better.  We went to church and Starbucks.  W let out a scream during mass so the two of us headed to the church lobby.  We headed back in to mass to receive communion and W spotted grandma way at the other end of the church.  She was helping as Eucharistic minister.  He continued to point and laugh at her, which was really cute. J  After that was Starbucks and then a relatively quiet day at home.  When W woke from his nap sometime after 3, A and I decided to take him to the pool on a whim.  It was our last chance since the pool was closing so we thought we’d try it.  W had a blast and I’m so glad we all went.  I loved watching him splash and play in the water.  He and A were so cute together and W loved every minute.  He even tripped and went underwater a couple times.  A was there to scoop him up, but W never panicked.  It was lots of fun and exactly what we needed after such a stressful Saturday.

Monday was pretty uneventful.  W loves my mom’s cats so I decided to take him to grandma’s house for a quick visit and some cat love.  I couldn’t stop laughing as W hugged and cuddled with my mom’s cat Mieko.  For some reason, Mieko totally loves W and put up with all the hugging grabbing and cuddles squeezing.  After that we headed home for play time, a family walk, and I made dinner.  A great end to the long weekend. J

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